Pavilion Competition

The ek exhibition pavilion, designed by Workroom2 Architecture – Alexandra Nikolaou, won the Visitors’ Choice Award for pavilions up to 20m² at this year’s 100% Hotel Show Pavilions Competition.

The pavilion was designed on the idea that the magazine, as well as architecture, are in perpetual evolution. To illustrate this concept, the architect staged an illusion technique using mirrors: the pavilion gives the impression of an endless tunnel, through the repetition of its structural frames, which results in the expansion of perspective depth. Initially, the structure appears bare, with its metallic supports made visible; progressively, the structural frame is dressed in mass, and shelters the exhibition space. Two wooden sideboards in the shape of a console, feature the magazines as if they were a museum exhibit. The materials chosen for the pavilion are coarse black sheet metal and MDF, to provide each magazine issue with better visibility.

This year’s Prizes were awarded to those pavilions that stood out in the visitors’ poll at the previous 100% Hotel Show exhibition and were delegated according to size. The winner of the “50+ m²” Category was Bagno y Bagno, and the “20-50 m²” Prize was awarded to Vagenas Contract Materials. The Awards ceremony was hosted by the 100% Hotel Show Exhibition organizer, Mr. Dimitrios Antonakos. Introducing the Pavilions Competition, where a visitors’ ballot runs all through the exhibition, saw a progressive surge in the quality of the pavilions’ design: Each year, the exhibition appears ever improving, and offers an exceptionally high-level experience to its many visitors. As a matter of course, ek is a media sponsor of the exhibition.


George Fakaros
Panagiotis Voumvakis

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