Pavilion house

The main challenge in this project was to fit four floors into a house with plot limitation, that would look like two, in Ramat Hasharon, Israel.
By stretching, extending and raising the main box the architect managed to hide three floors in it and create a Pavilion looking house of 220m2. The box was softened with a thin frame of floating concrete floor and a very thin roof rack on top, joined together by diagonal side walls.
The fourth floor was laid on the main box in the form of a complete white cube, with no visible windows or openings. Its lack of ornaments and functional elements contribute to concealing its presence. A vertical slit in the cube creates an inner patio which brings in air and light and is the element which breaks the mass of the cube and softens its geometry.

The staircase connecting the four floors is made of iron and has a decorative screen passing through the floors from top to bottom. That same pattern is repeating itself on the outside fence surrounding the house.
Laid along the western facade, vertical iron louvres create an isle between them and the exterior walls, giving lightness and airiness to the house. As the western sun enters the isle, different patterns of shades appear on the walls.
The entrance flooring is concrete continuing onto the front balcony and to isle of the louvres, all floating above the garden. The Pavilion stands wrapped in a Dichondra carpet.

Photos by:

Amit Geron

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