Pavillon Le Corbusier Stamps

Celebrating the opening of the recently renovated Pavillon Le Corbusier in Zurich, an educational workshop for children and adults took place from June 2019 until September; its objective was to familiarize the public with the expressive potential of standardized components.

The Pavilion design, which is the last built work by Le Corbusier, was informed by the Modulor system of measurements, that involves two series of standardized lengths corresponding to the dimensions of the human body; those lengths are harmoniously correlated upon the same rhythm, in a way that their random combinations produce respectively harmonic, rhythmical results.

The workshop introduced a series of wooden stamps, designed by Kostis Sotirakos; they are a graphic adaptation of the building’s structural elements. The stamp dimensions conform to the Modulor units and they can be combined in countless ways.

Concept & Design: Kostis Sotirakos 

Art Education: Domenika Chandra 

Tutoring: Ioulitta Stavridi 

Art Education Supervisor: Nicola von Albrecht 

Laser Cut: Prelab Creative Space

Design by:
Laser Cutting: 

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