Perimeter X

The design concept, for this new office space, stemmed from a grid-based plan. The space was divided into volumes and circulation paths between closed spaces and freestanding elements. The fact that almost all employees work in an open space environment allowed for a layout where all closed rooms are situated around the core of the building and the open-space stations are placed as freestanding elements in the center of the space. Thus, the perimeter curtain wall remained un-obstructed and the access to the view and light is open to all. The two large conference rooms are the only closed volumes placed as free-standing transparent boxes, in the central space.

The two-dimensional grid was extruded vertically, with the introduction of a grid of tracks carrying movable partitions. These partitions sub-divide the space and create new opportunities for grouping teams or having larger get-togethers.

Photos by:

Amit Geron

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