Piraeus Port Plaza 1

PPP1 building is part of the wider project of reusing the former facilities of “Papastratos” in the area of Agios Dionysios, in Piraeus. It is the first of seven buildings of Piraeus Port Plaza, a silo with tobacco warehouses, which was reconstructed in 2018 and converted into a green, LEED certified office building of 10,000m² with two floors and a capacity of up to 1,800 workstations.

KN Group, as a strategic partner of Teleperformance Greece in the development of its professional premises, undertook the elaboration of the building and spatial planning study, the technical specifications, the high supervision of the reconstruction, the Concept and Interior Design, the Branding Implementation, and the supply of equipment.

The aim of the design is to preserve the industrial architecture that prevails in the area, featured on the exterior of the buildings, and to benefit from the rich natural lighting and ventilation, which allows the sea breeze to pass through to the interior of the building.

Based on Piraeus, the shipyards are an important reference for custom-made furniture and equipment. In this context, the spatial networks of pipes create a continuous, multiform, and versatile structure throughout the floors, inspired by the forms and materials that are often observed on ships, but also the colors of the archipelago.

PPP1 launches Teleperformance’s new optical corporate brand identity for the first time worldwide. New design principles, new shapes and colors, a new logo with no precedent-setting examples, and practical solutions were the challenge for the KN Group that created a narrative of the new philosophy throughout the building using modern technologies, such as multimedia devices and units, and LED display. The umbrella sculptures in the central open-air space of PPP1, which take off the corporate identity of the customer, are now a landmark of the area.

The project turnout ensured a modern and functional work environment, which keeps each employee happy and serves the corporate goals.

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