Prism House

The simple, four-sided building in Kalamata, emerging through the green of nature, maintains a prismatic shape on all sides of its volume with protracting, linear balconies, and comes in contrast with the rectangular neighboring buildings.

The metal frame tears through the shell of the house, revealing the structure.

The house is divided in four levels: The garage, the machinery room and a guestroom are placed in the basement. On the ground floor, the open-plan space contains the kitchen, the living room and a small wc. On the first floor are three bedrooms and two bathrooms, while on the roof there is storage space and a kitchen for the roof garden.

The prismatic shape plan does not affect the interior living divisions as the uneven shape spaces are dedicated to circulation. All levels are connected through an elevator.

The main consideration in the design was the certification of A+ energy class. This which was achieved by the thermal insulation of the shell, heating pump, photovoltaic panels, and passive ventilation of all house with a heat exchanger.

Design Team:

Athanassios Tzokas,
Fotis Dalianis,
Kelly Filippopoulou,
Giorgos Georgiadis


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