Private house in North Athens

The house with swimming pool is built in a corner site adjacent to a pine grove, at the foot of the mountain bordering the north suburbs of Athens.

The shape and orientation of the site designated anelongated, free-standing volume. The main facades were completely opened towards the south and east, in keeping with sustainability requirements, becoming the scenery of daily life activities. Inversely, the north and west elevations only bear the minimum of required openings, for natural ventilation and cooling during the summer months.

Spatial and visual staging of the path crossing through all indoor and outdoor spaces has been a preoccupation from the outset. The overall massing of the house is already apparent from the garden threshold, while the main entrance is immediately visible. The entrance, in the middle of the elongated southern facade, is the only compact element. Double interior and exterior heights strengthen the composition in the vertical sense and add to the feeling of spaciousness. On the ground level, the entrance recess demarcates three zones: a reception area at the center, kitchen and office facilities on the left, dining and living room on the right. In this area, the lounge is submerged to clear the view towards the garden and the swimming pool. From the reception area, the marble staircase leads to the first floor that houses two children’s bedrooms.

The vertical circulation is supplemented with the flying overpass over the entrance, opening views to the ground level. The second floor accommodates the master bedroom in a singular unbroken volume. Its outdoor area includes the private roof garden, with extensive views towards the east and the neighboring mountain. The composition is concluded with the L-shaped swimming pool, encircling the living room area. The swimming pool is highlighted with a planted artificial island, accommodating a sun deck.

The large openings on the south and east facades erase the boundaries and achieve the optimal integration between inside and outside spaces. This transparency further allows the thermal mass from the sunlight to warm the interiors during the winter months, while strategically placed exterior blinds and pergolas hinder overheating in the summer.

Simple lines, clear geometric volumes, white walls and wooden textures are harmonically combined in this house, where the architectural intentions are further supported by lighting design, in horizontal and vertical lines illustrating the minimalist massing.

Decoration and Styling:

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