Private Residence in Nicosia

The design idea of the private house in Nicosia originates from the needs of its owners: Introversion and privacy were the two main requirements. To achieve this goal, and to create a space that will be used daily by a family, the design identifies several imaginary zones, which are implemented through physical and mental limits.

A façade of uncoated concrete

The large wall of uncoated concrete at the facade implements exactly this natural boundary which separates the interior of the house from the public space; it seals the privacy of the residence behind, while the openings create controlled entrances, with different levels of security. The structure of a castle is restated here with a different vocabulary, but with the same result. Wooden formwork bare concrete, as a simple, earthy material, with an internal structure like stone, functions protectively, concurrently defining the boundary and the aesthetics of the house.

Traditional architecture, reimagined.

The references to the traditional Cypriot architecture stand out: The concept of the inner courtyard, and the impenetrable aspect of traditional Cypriot architecture, are analysed and reconstructed in modern terms, within a new urban landscape with different aesthetics, remaining however faithful to the character of the structure and to the nature of materials.

Layout design.

Internally, the ground floor is organized as an open-plan space integrating the living and dining rooms to create a warm, open everyday space, partially separated from the kitchen with a natural boundary. The introverted character of the house is complete with the opposite façade opening, framing the entire rear view to the courtyard.




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