Private Villa in Crete

The two-storey house proposal in Mononautis in Agia Pelagia, Crete, combines modern and traditional elements in a contemporary project. 

Layout Design and Orientation
The whole complex is oriented towards the view. To the west, the part where we find the entrance, we have a more closed facade while on the other side of the building its interior unfolds towards the exterior. Approaching the entrance of the house, we encounter flower beds with plants. The openings are all simple, with ceramic elements that allow the rays of the natural light to enter, but at the same time they achieve the isolation of the occupants from the side of the road. 

The access to the houses is achieved either from the ground level or from an external staircase, which leads to the upper floor. The façade with the sea view hosts a spacious relaxation area with an elongated swimming pool. The openings of the façade are wide and allow a direct communication and access to the courtyard, which is the main reception area during the summer months. 

In addition, on the NE side of the house, we find a large patio that provides unobstructed view to the pool and the sea. The addition of a stone wall to the north façade protects against adverse weather conditions and reduces the view from the building nearby, offering privacy to the owners. The barbeque and the external dining area were designed with a similar logic, so that they can be operated throughout the year. 

Material Palette
Landscape integration is achieved with the choice of materials. Local stone has been placed in all parts of the ground floor, giving the impression that the building “emerges” discreetly from the earth. Respectively, the floor follows a clear logic with the use of neutral tones, to highlight the clean volumes of the house. In the patio and the pool area, organic materials are placed, as well as plants that thrive in the Mediterranean region. 

Ultimately, the water element is strong along the total length of the eastern side and promotes a sense of luxury throughout the complex. The management of the volumes, the choice of materials and the interior decoration give the feeling of a home of recreation and relaxation. 



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