MykonosVillas 2017

MykonosVillas 2017
Print Edition


The bookazine MykonosVillas brings together in a luxurious edition, for the fifth time, 14 country houses selected among the best realizations of recent past years on the famous Cycladic island, with the signature of well-known Greek and foreign architectural offices.
The houses of Mykonos form a contemporary architectural style based on the counterpart of uncut stoneworks and white plastered volumes, angular and curved, harsh and smooth. At the same time, the processing of basic elements of Cycladic typology form aesthetically integrated architectural ensembles.
With foundations often on the rocks, the granite masonry and the corresponding open-air formations connect the building with its environment, while differently oriented spaces and framings of the view, alternations of closed and open, light and shadow, converse with the insurmountable elements of the natural space, the dry ground, the sea and wind.
The photographs of the publication highlight the excellent construction quality of the residences, combining the modern technological comforts with hand-made techniques, adapted to present-day conditions, such as stoneworks, pressed cement mortars, wooden constructions and paving.