Villas 2018

Villas 2018
Print Edition €15


The new Villas 2018, complying with the international direction the popular, annual bookazine series follows, presents this year 14 of the most impressive examples of luxury suburban housing from different parts of the world, in a bilingual edition of high aesthetic value.

Accomplishments by popular architects in California and Brazil, Australia, Thailand and Israel, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom go hand in hand here with Greek architecture in Athens, Crete and Kos and the architecture of Cyprus, revealing contemporary trends in interior design, aesthetics and housing technology.

The edition also comprises exclusive interviews with two successfully established architects, though young in years, Thai Ayutt Mahasom (Ayutt and Associates design – AAd) and Spanish Fran Silvestre.

Villas 2018 is again available at select bookstores, press outlets and airports of the following countries: Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman, India, China, Korea and Taiwan.