Residence in Euboea

Residence in Euboea

Hybrid: the result of the union of disparate ”pure” elements. In this case, of a single – and double – storey residence, in Euboea. The target through such a mixture, the so-called hybridism, is usually the elimination of the disadvantages of each of the combined forms. A double-storey building with staircases and level differences in general can tire its users. A single-storey unit may facilitate movement, but it cannot control the exposure to the environment (humidity, limited hygiene) and cannot ensure privacy (insecurity).

Thus, during the synthesis of this particular building, the architect tried to preserve the advantages of both building types and limit their disadvantages. The result is a residence, neither single nor double storey, with bedrooms at a 1m-level difference from the kitchen, dining, sitting and courtyard areas. Its advantages included immediate but controlled proximity to nature, and privacy, while simultaneously preserving comfortable internal movement. Weather conditions were also taken into consideration during the design process, as strong northern winds prevail the site. The result is that the building has a significant linear, longitudinal floor plan with southern orientation. The advantage is that the building throughout its length shares as a protective wall against northern winds, and the external southern areas are hospitable and pleasant regardless of the wind strength. For the inhabitants’ thermal comfort, an analytical, sunrise to sunset, insolation simulation was performed, taking into account the most unfavourable winter and summer days. The result is the precise orientation and dimensioning of the cantilevered shading along the southern elevation, which lets sunlight permeate the building during winter and block direct sunlight during summer. The materials for the external areas were chosen according to their minimal thermal absorbency. Therefore the external floors do not store heat during the day in the summer, letting the inhabitants enjoy the evening coolness without any unpleasant heat emission.

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George Fakaros

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