“Residence S” in Nafpaktos

"Residence S" in Nafpaktos

Τhe residence is built on an urban area of the city of Nafpaktos with internal green views isolating it from its urban surroundings.
Its style is minimal and timeless, while the use of fine, hand-crafted materials creates a sense of luxury. The scenery is completed by selected furniture and objects considered classic in international design. The existing building structure could not be altered. The design aimed to re-read it, fortifying it architecturally, via the insertion of new elements such as the stone fence, the pergola and the canopy of the entrance on the eastern side of the plot.
A green belt of arizonica and agave plants along the ground level of the façade creates the illusion of a lower and wider building, with an interesting alteration between volumes and materials. An elevated floor directs the route to the house and continues internally through the entrance hall where it is combined with Carrara wall cladding and ceiling lighting. At the centre of the plan, the dining area transgresses the geometrical clarity of the space and along with the mirror ball lamps, acts as a lightweight sculpture.
Externally, on the western side of the plot, the courtyard BBQ adds an architectural element to the fencing. Meranti beams placed at a 45° angle along the route to the kitchen, allow for a constant air current flow created by the hill and visual continuity with the olive trees, at the same time protecting the interior from prying eyes.

Design by:

Photos by:

Panagiotis Voumvakis 
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