Restaurant renovation at Matala, Crete

The project is the renovation of a restaurant in existing hotel building, located at the end of Messara, oriented towards the Libyan Sea, South of Crete. It is one of the first hotels in Matala with a capacity of more than 150 people. The goal is the new space to meet the high-level quality of food offered by the locals as well as the spirit of relaxation that flows from the lifestyle of Matala. Therefore, the food preparation area and the buffers are harmoniously integrated, giving guest a sense of feeling that they are in a traditional Cretan Cuisine. Built in cupboards, clay bowls, and wooden compositions enhance the sense of familiar, non-standard space.

The space where the tables are located is oriented towards the swimming pool, transferring the outdoor experience to the interior. At the ceiling a composition of Cretan rod and wooden beams is designed, while on the blind inner wall an interior garden is developed as a continuation of the outdoor space. Rope frames separate areas without blocking the visual contact. At the same time, the bar participates functionally in the integration of the restaurant to the outdoor space. Geometrical patterns were chosen both for the ceramic tiles and the fabrics that decorate the space.

Design Team:

Michalis Tzagkarakis, Maria Triamataki

Photos by:

Manolis Papadakis 

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