S Hotel

S Hotel

The S Hotel, named after developer Xiao-Fei Wang’s actress wife, Barbie Xu known as “Big S”, is a new-style aesthetic edifice located on bustling Dunhua North Road in Taipei, Taiwan.

The interior design is conceived as a bridge between tradition and modernity. The incorporation of indigenous Taiwanese humanistic features creates a unique and bespoke atmosphere which welcomes guests in a sensorial experience, made of art, culture, creativity and intelligence.

The ceiling and carpets – painted based on the aboriginal culture designs by Taiwanese artist Cha-Ray Chu – come into view as one enters the lobby, offering an artistic and heart-warming environment that soothes the user after the hustle of the city. Wooden cladding on walls and ceiling, as well as brushes of colour compose a comfortable, elegant scenery.

The hotel’s restaurant HYG – deriving from “hygge”, the Danish verb for creating a warm and cosy atmosphere by sharing the good things in life – offers a visual and culinary fusion of Scandinavian and Asian elements, run by Danish Michelin-star chef Mikkel Maarbjerg.

Interiors are infused with elegance, poetry and humour; the 103 refined rooms and suites consist of stylish urban retreats, predominated by the colour white along with touches of mustard yellow, and enhanced by strategically placed large rose-tinted mirrors, offering an abundance of natural light.

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