Salina Municipal Park

The design philosophy centers around free movement in space. Fluidity and drift, combined with the free interaction of the walking visitor with various hosted activities, aim towards an enhanced spatial experience. As the movement of the visitors largely unfolds within an urban setting, the proposal removes this image through free drift in space.

The aim of the study is the upgrade of the locations, with increased greenery and new, added uses; creating proper infrastructures that will cater to the needs of residents and visitors alike, may also attract tourist interest, with a variety of thematic activities. The latter will be coordinated with the landscape design of the area at large, creating green spaces, event and entertainment venues, as well as spaces for quiet isolation.

The main entrance leads the visitor to a “river” of activities crossing through the length of the site, providing a variety of options. Through this green trail, one explores and discovers space, perceiving the park through free movement within. Greenery frames the space, erasing the boundaries of a conventional walking trail. On the contrary, a free, open space unfolds, combining different stimuli.

A game between the urban and the natural landscape is established, and transitions are optimized. The open space is equipped with moveable elements, to accommodate open-air uses. Urban furniture is freely distributed in space, creating places of rest, while vegetal strips enhance this trajectory with aromatic plants, shrubs, and trees, creating an immersive experience. Lush vegetation on the sides of the trail creates a filter between city and nature.


Design Team:

Polys Thoma,
Eleftherios Vomvolakis

3D Rendering:
Polys Thoma,
Eleftherios Vomvolakis

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