Seascape Luxury Resort

The 15-unit resort housing compound is in Crete, located at Ayia Pelagia. The architectural approach considered the specific features of the site, the natural slope, the view and orientation as well as functional requirements, such as the smooth integration of the units and the potential for future expansions.

Sparse volumes are composed to form the complex. The tourist residences, 40m² each, are arranged in a way that creates an enclosed social space with two swimming pools and a bar; a second space for outdoor dining is created on the terraces of the southernmost houses, providing unobstructed views.

The design of the outdoor spaces features prominently; the resulting courtyard protects the privacy of the residents but also allows immediate contact with the exterior.

In the north façade, the main entrance is highlighted in-between two monolithic volumes, allowing discreet glances to the interior courtyard.

The material palette, including natural stone, wood, metal and glass, reinforces the integration of the whole and illustrates the measured design, coexisting with surprise elements.

The architecture of the compound responds to the needs and desires of the owners, expressing their personality, and further illustrates the signature design of the architect, in a clear space that invites the senses.

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