Setsugekka Japanese Cuisine

The Japanese cuisine restaurant is located in Changchun of Jilin Province, in northeastern China.
The study focused on the essence of Japanese culture, the observation of changing seasons with a ZEN aesthetic, selecting the name “setsugekka” literally meaning “flower white as snow reflected by the moon”. Borrowed from ancient China during the Edo period, this triptych theme of snow, moon and flowers is assigned to the seasons of winter, autumn and spring.
Drawing inspiration from Waka and Haiku (traditional Japanese poetry forms) regarding “setsugekka”, the colour palette of the design ranges between three distinctive tones: blue-white for winter, yellow-white for autumn and pink-white for spring.
The transparent glass engraved with white cherry blossoms (Sakura), the vivid blue LED lighting, the warm yellow of the dining rooms and the absolute black background of the sushi counter, are elements that harmoniously blend with the design clarity of the interior, expressing a culture that comprises greatness in simplicity.

Photos by:

 Jing Zhang

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