The municipality of Haarlem, the Netherlands, announced the winners of the European tender procedure it had launched for the sale and development of the former site of the city’s Slaughterhouse (Slachthuisterrein). The project was awarded to the BPD (developers) and De Nijs (contractors) collaboration, along with design Team Slachthuishof consisting of Hans van Heeswijk Architects (monuments’ redevelopment), vanOmmeren architecten (new housing) and ZUS (public space/landscaping).

The project, a 36 ha development of new construction and renovation/restoration named the Slachthuishof, will comprise a new living area with a total of 166 dwellings in a mix of 85 terraced houses, 31 starters apartments, 28 senior apartments, 19 city apartments (social) and 3 XL family dwellings. Other functions include cultural facilities, hospitality, business activity and the pop centre, a long cherished wish among musicians in Haarlem.

The construction of the pop centre is included as a separate building assignment in the tender; therefore its realisation in the Slachthuisterrein can be brought to the forefront of the planning. The plan for the centre was coordinated with future users Stichting Hart and Patronaat music hall.

The development team will realise a meeting place for all people in Haarlem, which contributes to a sustainable future. Houses are gas-free. Great attention is given to water storage capacity. Water that is not absorbed into the ground is collected and stored by an integral system of bioswales and gutters. Solar panels will be installed on the new homes, satisfying the greater part of the electricity demand. By using local sources, such as heat and cold storage, the area is provided with heat in a sustainable way. Lastly, the design of the public space will also be worked out in greater detail together with local residents, according to the municipal wishes and guidelines for citizen participation, with the aid of mostly local entrepreneurs.


Design by:

Team Slachthuishof:
Hans van Heeswijk Architects,

vanOmmeren architecten,

ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]

ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]
Hans van Heeswijk Architects (07,08)

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