Smile Esthetics in Kifissia

The initial space of the dental office occupied 50m² and consisted of a small reception area and the open space of the operatory room and the laboratory. The expansion of the dental office involved the addition of a 30m² space to the existing section, to meet the needs of a second operatory room and a small seminar space. 

Layout Design

The limited surface and the irregular shape of the floor plan led to specific architectural interventions, which aimed at the full exploitation of the additional square meters but also at the upgrade of the existing spaces.

The waiting and reception area were expanded and located centrally on the new floor plan. The two operatory rooms were placed on either side of the waiting area. On the right side, the pre-existing operatory room with the laboratory remained in place and on the left the new operatory room with a small office-seminar space was placed.

Lighting Design and Architectural Materials

Translucent glass partitions were chosen between the two rooms, to create the feeling of an open and private space simultaneously. The reception desk that emerges through the new interventions, although inextricably linked to them, stands out due to its curved shape, enhancing the space with movement and plasticity.

Respectively, the choice of white colors in each architectural element allowed the space to follow the alternations of both natural and artificial lighting (warm – cold, dark – light).

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