Sports and Civic Center in Gestalgar

The project consists of the implementation of sports equipment typical of the Valencian community, such as Trinquet, in Gestalgar, located in the region of “Los Serranos”. This equipment will be accompanied by a Civic Center, which will complete the sport facility.

A Trinquet is a piece of equipment with a morphology so defined by the activity that must be carried out in it that it is inevitable to understand the typological characteristics that can help us understand which are the elements that make up the space.

Playing a “pilota valenciana” game or going as a spectator is an action with a more active component than other sports. So much so that, for example, the vast majority of Trinquets have a café or bar attached, which you sometimes have to go through to get to the “pilota” court.

Another important part of the “pilota valenciana” is education, as teaching the game to new generations is essential so that the sport does not lose fans and players are born. Therefore, the fact that there may be classrooms in the Trinquet dedicated to teaching could help to ensure that education is implemented within the complex.

To establish better relations between the sports center and the project, a proposal is made to modify the elements of the football and basketball field, taking them to the south and west of this sports center and changing their orientation. This will result in new vegetation taking over, generating a softened boundary between the two places.


3d renderings:

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