Stella Island Resort & Spa

Stella Island Resort & Spa

The luxury 5 star Stella Island Resort & Spa is located in Crete, in the Analipsi area. It is a unique concept, prototype by European standards, with water as main element.
Buildings, room wings and communal spaces develop along the perimeter of a free-form swimming pool with 5000m2 surface area approximately. All buildings are in direct contact to the liquid element, giving the impression of a floating hotel.
Most communal areas are situated inside the Laguna pool, like islets, which communicate with each other via wooden bridges. In combination with the wooden decks outside each room that function as verandas, a sum of timber pile constructions on the water is created, an image that characterises the resort. Wooden superstructures – ‘blinds’ – on the façades of buildings, which are based on tall cylindrical poles, complete the scenery.

Most of the hotel’s 90 rooms follow the same design, with natural materials dominating their configuration, with equipment and furnishings designed exclusively for this concept.

Design by:

Stavros Peppas Architect & Partners


Photos by:

Pavlos Kapoglou 
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