On March 24th 2018, TEDxNTUA 2018 will take place in Athens, at “Eugenides Foundation – Planetarium” (387 Andrea Syggrou Av. – 175 64 Palaio Faliro). TEDxNTUA, a part of the international TEDx Program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience  (conference by the same name nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, usually in the form of talks less than 18 minutes long, delivered by what it considers today’s leading thinkers and doers). The active participation of the university community in the effort of making this project possible has led to TEDxNTUA working under the auspices of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).


TEDxNTUA is laying the foundation for the creation and establishment of a dynamic platform of exchanging ideas about technological, business and social issues. It is a big thinking tank, which showcase the wealth and the forcefulness of the ideas worth spreading. At the same time, it reveals the tendency to research and creativity.


TEDxNTUA provides, by combining the multidisciplinary, innovative and the solidarity components, the chance to every participant, speaker and auditor to sharpen his critical thinking, to experience the productive concern, to reconsider his position in the community and, finally, to act as a being able to produce new, evolutionary and innovative ideas.


TEDxNTUA is held for the 3rd time and is organized by a group of NTUA students under the legal status of a research project. The speakers come from various fields such as academic, scientific, art and social field. The common axis of the talks is this year’s Event Name: Chaos (Χάος). This project is nonprofit and its main goal is to bring together the scientific community, to promote the spreading of Ideas Worth Spreading and to showcase the university’s work. In the past, ancient Greek Philosophers thought highly of “Chaos” and considered it fundamental to the creation of Cosmos, that is, the Universe. Chaos was the original matter that transformed the “abnormal” uniformity of nature into “normal” diversity. Nowadays we identify “Chaos” with the total confusion and disorder. We witness Chaos in its scientific meaning in numerous situations in everyday life: smoke rising up smoothly into the air and suddenly vanishing, unexpected traffic in a Highway road, irregular leaking of a tap, inexplicable fluctuations of the Stock Market Index and many more instances explained mostly by this Theory of Chaos.


Talks of architectural interest on #TEDxNTUA2018 stage: Caroline Bos, co-founder and principal urban planner of UNStudio, and Honorary Professor at the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, will talk about smart cities and how architecture tries to tame the Chaos of the produced data, putting people as a priority. Natassa Lianou and Ermis Chalvatzis, directors of Lianou Chalvatzis Architects (LC-A), based in London, will talk about how parametric design connects with chaos.


Speakers: -Michael Stylas: “Understanding Chaos from Poseidon to Zeus to Hades” -Lianou-Chalvatzis (LCArchitects):”Architecture in the Age of Inteligence” -Ioanna Theodorou: “What is a startupper doing in the refugee crisis?” -Themistoklis Sapsis: “Chaos: The favourable source of uncertainty” -Emilios Chalamandaris: “Start up in Chaos” -Dionysis Zindros: “Autonomous Decentralized Chaos” -Romy Lorenz: “Understanding the human mind without a human mind: The AI neuroscientist” -Dimitra Galani: “Talking over Chaos with an Αrtist” -Caroline Bos: “Future-proofing the City in the Age of Data Technology” -Vasilis Haralabidis: “Athens, Metropolis by Accident” -Vasilios Makios: “Open Innovation”







Curated by:


NTUA Professor Theodora Varvarigou, Augusta Lampropoulou


ek magazine is communications sponsor to the event.


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