TEDxNTUA 2021: Open Air Cinema

TEDxNTUA 2021 with the theme “UBUNTU” will take place in a different form from the usual events so far. Adapting to the conditions of the pandemic, TEDxNTUA’s organizing team had to avoid a sealed amphitheater as the venue of the event, and after so many virtual events in recent months, the idea of ​​Open Air Cinema was the ideal choice for the main stage of this year.

On Saturday, May 29, at the industrial space of Metallourgeio in Kerameikos, Piraeus 127, keeping the required distances, wearing a mask, and also having done a covid-19 test earlier, you can experience an original TEDx event live, presented by Dimitris Makalias-This year’s theme?-“UBUNTU”!Ubuntu means “I am because you are” and is an African proverb. It is this broad and multifaceted notion of unity, humanity, wholeness, solidarity and faith in a universal bond that unites all of humanity.What does ubuntu really mean and how many things can it connect to?How does every little act affect our fellow man?How do we all connect with each other?Does that mean we are all equal?

The conference is divided into two parts, the side events and the main event. Both parts will take place on May 29 at Metallourgeio, in Kerameikos. The side events will take place in the morning and they include the workshops that our team has chosen, to approach the subject in a more interactive and creative way, a photo exhibition as well as a sculpture exhibition. The main event will take place in the afternoon of the same day and is a screening of cinematically recorded speeches and riveting performances. Along with the live event, there will be an online streaming of the event on our website TEDxNTUA.

In order to be a part of this, secure your spot through our site TEDxNTUA.

The shooting of the speeches and the performances of the central event took place at the “Miltiadis Evert” Amphitheater in Technopolis.

ek magazine is a media partner of the event.

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