The Athenians

The Athenians

The project is a complex of five conceptual apartments on the 8th floor of an apartment building in the centre of Athens, with views of the Acropolis. The design of the small apartments – whose brand and environmental graphics are by Ηello Design – focuses on brightness, functionality and maximum good views.
Each apartment is defined by a colour. The green one is inspired by the Athenian National Garden, and is based on an outdoors aesthetics. The yellow one, inspired by the Athenian sun and the brightest apartment of the complex, creates an open and playful mood. The orange one, reflecting the colours of the Attic sky during sunrise and sunset, combines bright & colourful wall graphics, with mild decorative elements in its private spaces. The blue one, drawing from the colours of the Aegean Sea, aims to create different viewpoints to the Acropolis.
Lastly, the gold theme is inspired by the brightest period of Athens, known as Pericles’ Golden Age, and its design is based on a combination of materials such as marble, wood, golden details and the most spectacular view. The outdoors spaces of the complex are designed to evoke the sense of a garden, surrounded by glass so as not to impede the views. With the motto “Live like an Athenian”, the complex aims to create a funky version of living in Athens.

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Katerina Avgerinou Photography
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