The Back Yard

The small apartment with a surprise backyard, in a 70s block of flats, was a challenging renovation project. The vision of the proposed redesign was to transform the dark, fragmented space, into a bright and comfortable apartment, highlighting the unexpected outdoor «room». An inviting, eco-friendly and prime short-term rental, able to cater the needs of a digital nomad guest.

Layout design

The new, L-shaped floor plan consists of a bedroom, a kitchen, a home office, and a bathroom.

The design makes the space look bright and large, while movement flows effortlessly; brings natural light deep in the apartment; offers a unique guest experience; hides oversize objects in the reconstruction; transforms the backyard into an additional room, with chilling, playful vibes; creates a relaxing, natural style.

The functional rearrangement of the space, the interplay between small and large in rooms and objects, the dominant use of wooden elements, the artificial plants, and the careful selection of furniture and equipment, led to the final realization of the challenging goal!

The renovated space promises a cozy welcome to the guest, inviting to explore and experience each corner of the apartment with excitement.


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