The Da Vinci Collection

In the fashion of mechanically minded, artisan inventor Leonardo da Vinci, the theme revolves around of intricate gear components, along with magnifiers that are used to intensify the light sources to mirrors, that can then redirect the light to the wall or floor.
After extensive historical research, prototyping and development, and using the latest in lighting, machining, and metalwork technology, the lighting collection brings the Italian Renaissance back to life, in avant-garde form.

The feature piece, Leonardo 1482, poetically resembles a rising sun, borrowing heavily from Renaissance-era mechanics, and is appropriately named for the year Leonardo da Vinci began designing and developing his inventions.

The Vitruvian Table Lamp complements the 1482, with correlating expression. In honour of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the Table Lamp speaks to the geometric purity and deconstructed anatomy this series reveals.

To complete the collection, the Infinity 1519 is an avant-garde luminaire symbolising a setting sun, as 1519 was the year Da Vinci passed away. The ringed capsule has a seemingly endless horizon, so the sightline is infinite. It can be displayed as a hanging pendant or suspended within a half-moon table lamp.

Design by:

Maurice & Jordan Dery – Karice 


Photos by:
Jordan N. Dery


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