The Kensington

JCDecaux unveils The Kensington, a sculptural digital canvas by Zaha Hadid Design.
Renowned for providing a range of products and services free of charge to cities and transport authorities across the world, all paid for through advertising, JCDecaux media company invited Zaha Hadid Design to redefine the design language of billboards – providing a unique communications channel in London that integrates contemporary design and digital media.
The Kensington combines innovative digital screen technology with a double-ribbon of matt stainless steel framing a curved digital screen, located on West Cromwell Road and is the first billboard by Zaha Hadid Design.
The Kensington’s high resolution 8mm pixel pitch screen with dimensions 26x6m will provide visibility and maximum quality of display for brands, framed by the (30 x 9 metres) steel structure.
Set in an area that has been landscaped to enhance the local environment with the planting of trees and greenery, The Kensington also features integrated lighting that increases visibility for pedestrians.
According to Project Director Melodie Leung: “Both a civic gesture and a promotional medium, the intertwined, looped ribbon design expresses the dynamism of pedestrian and vehicle traffic movements that intersect at this important London junction, reimagining the billboard as public art”.

Design by:

Photos by:

courtesy of JCDecaux (01,12)
Luke Hays

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