The OLED Series Experience

LG Hellas launched “The OLED Series Experience” installation at an event which took place on the first level of the Golden Hall shopping complex, in Athens. Inspired by gaming and design, a respective environment was created in front of each screen, showing how LG OLED televisions cater to all different attitudes and interests.

With their elegant design, LG OLED G and C series take center stage at the shopping mall, presenting dazzling pictures and bright colors to the visitors. Both series feature a slim design, embodying minimalism, offering a singular viewing and image experience. The G series combine relaxation with art, transforming any space into a gallery. With their Always Ready feature, they display art works with realistic texture and color, and have a perfect fit on the wall. Respectively, OLED C series have a slim frame, combined with elegant support bases, becoming the ideal choice for a home cinema, and gaming. For realistic gaming with endless action, LG OLED screens are a powerful engine for game boosting, leading to the absolute experience. LG OLED, with improved features and new additions, depict the game clearly and smoothly, making it ever more enjoyable.

The event guests included influencers from technology, television, fashion, art, and lifestyle, and media representatives. Gaming was represented by celebrity gamers, Giannis Routis and Kostas Adamopoulos.

The event was honored with the presence of the actor and television presenter, Dimitris Makalias, fashion Blogger Chrysianna Andriopoulou, as well as architects, interior designers, fashion designers and artists, including Sissy Fida, Georgios Karambelas, Giorgos Perris, Renos Rotas, Giannis Stankoglou, Dimitris Mastrokalos (MI-RŌ Designers), Stelios Koudounaris, Haris Giakoumatos, Antonia Kaouri, Georgia Avaskantira with her husband, Giorgos Chraniotis, and many more.

The exhibition will remain on display for two months, giving the opportunity to the public to gain first-hand experience of the LG OLED television series, with its pioneering, minimal design, and outstanding image quality, covering the entire range of preferences and impressing the most demanding crowd.




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