The white wall that surrounds the house creates a separation from the street through an entrance isolated in a niche that creates privacy for residents and visitors. Through the gate entrance, a game of colorful architecture is played out between the blocks of the building, with a gray foreground and white background. The division of masses is decorative as well as functional, including a seam-like staircase used to bring in natural light.

The constructive pillars represent another architectural game, whose role is dual in both structural engineering and decoration – exposing the interior and exterior and form the basis of architectural and decorative language. Beside them are black painted horizontal rails which create a harmonious complex of material in opposite directions. The use of black aluminum continues the architect’s constructional vision: maintaining minimal colors and materials.

The project reflects Melamed’s architectural concept, which is based on clean lines, quiet shapes and monochromatic colors. Melamed’s use of color is linked to the natural color of the material and not to artificial shades. As such, all wood remains in its natural color and the iron stays black. In fact, his secret to creating a warm look in a modern home is the use of natural materials, which do not look engineered and create neither a sleek nor artificial look.

Together with the materials, the architect strives to produce solutions of natural light without compromising privacy, since the house is surrounded by neighbors. Thus, in addition to the perpendicular groove that he created toward the stairs, Melamed chose to build the raised path wall from the ground level. It is an architectural solution that creates a horizontal trench that regularly brings natural light into the public space, while at the same time creating a sense that the house is floating and retains lightness despite its size. Careful attention was also given to the artificial lighting in the house, through a conspicuous presence when lit, and a complete disappearance when turned off, leaving the space undisturbed.

The layout of the house meets the needs of the family and is designed so that on the entrance floor are the living room, kitchen, service area for the main kitchen, dining area, and garden. Upstairs is the master bedroom, children’s rooms, and TV corner, which is naturally lit from the stairs. 


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