Tri-fold House

Tri-fold House

The architecture of the Tri-fold House elaborates on geometry and materiality, on three layers: the curved, bare concrete wall; the vertical wooden shading slats; and the plaster-faced prism.

Urban integration

The project is built in south Athens, with exemplary integration into the dense urban fabric. The main volume is placed at the forefront of the property and develops on three levels, leaving enough free space in the back of the property for a garden, accessible only through the house interior, as a place of isolation and rest.

Wooden slat façade

The double curvature wall is designed in a way that benefits from the ground inclination to create a first cavity, allocated to the car, and a second curved surface that marks the house entrance. The wooden slats follow through the curved base, creating a visual filter between the house interior, and the city. The design is complete with the placement of the prism, which, through a signature fold, accommodates a large opening with a view of the city.

Interior layout

The house interior layout follows simple tracing lines. The living room, kitchen, and dining area are placed on the ground level, in an integrated space with large openings. The circular stairs follow the curvature of the wall and lead to the double-height free space upstairs. The top level accommodates the bedrooms and the bathroom, maintaining a visual connection to the garden.

Material selections

The materiality of the house is balanced: White walls and roofs highlight the volumetric arrangement, and black circular steps and railings around the stair add a color contrast. The kitchen furniture and the island are clad in wood, contributing an earthy tone.


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