Triangle house

The apartment was created for two people and their beloved dog, and this friendly triangle schematically dictated the design concept, and the individual elements of each space in particular. The entrance to the residence leads to a small hall illuminated by glass partition panels to its left, behind which lies the unified space containing the sitting and dining areas, as well as the kitchen. The master bedroom with the en-suite bathroom is situated behind another glass partition. The harmony and balance of the triangular shape are mirrored in every corner of the apartment, from the door leaves and cabinets to the very ceiling. As in tailor-cut garments, the designers created several folds like “turndown collars” on the kitchen cabinet door leaves that are used as handles, reflecting the owners’ preference for everything handmade.

Their homogeneous silver surface turns a corner and extends to the master bedroom wardrobe, where the folds are used in the same way. The master bedroom’s glass partition which recesses towards the corner, includes a small triangular opening on the bottom of the glass door, so the house owner’s loyal friend can run in and out freely. The also triangular false ceiling cleverly softens the visual tension brought by beams and pillars, while directing the eye to the large window and the unobstructed view. Finally, the grey shade on the walls combined with the wooden floor allow the harmonization of the colorful decorative elements with the furniture’s varied materials, creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Design by:
Photos by:
Kyle yu photo studio

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