Twin houses in Ekali

Twin houses in Ekali

The project concerns the conversion of a large 80s suburban house of dubious aesthetics to a contemporary building of two, equivalent in size, vertically unfolding residences.
The main options were to strip the building of all elements of postmodern influences and alter the roof, as well as to demolish parts of the existing balconies.
The need to improve the structural integrity, especially concerning the earthquake behaviour and the harmonisation with existing earthquake safety regulations, led to the construction of a new façade in reinforced concrete, surrounding and connecting with the existing shell to provide rigidity to the system.
The two residences were organised into three main levels taking advantage of the view to Mount Parnitha, dividing the total volume into two equal parts along the north-south axis. This division is marked by a wooden wall-panel that penetrates the interiors of both residences, allocating the outdoor covered areas in the backyard. The external elevations and visible parts of the load-bearing structure indoors are in board formed concrete.

Photos by:

George Messaritakis
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