Twist and Shout

The Twist and Shout house takes a completely avant-guard, progressive and unique approach to distinguish itself as an iconic structure both, regionally and internationally. The interplay between function, form, light, environmental performance, social response and local assimilation has transformed what is usually considered to be a mundane residential dwelling, to one that has pushed the boundaries of construction and design; evolving into an architectural landmark that has become unique to the fabric of the city. The Twist and Shout plays an important role in opening the dialogue between the significance of these different functions and their influence in transforming the city of

The geometric exploration of the home’s morphology aims to maximize the site’s potential, a series of well defined and calculated geometric and sculpture like interventions on the facade exploits the tension between conflicting elements. In contracts to the internal areas, which are designed to have greater fluidity in transition between the spaces in both the horizontal as well as the vertical, allowing for uninterrupted continuity and harmony between adjacent spaces.

The house is divided into three zones: The basement garage which doubles as a service area; the ground level which serves as the heart of the home, providing a communal space that includes the sitting room, family room, dining and pantry areas, and consummated by the external pool area that serves as a vignette to the spectacular view across Semarang City.

In contrast to the public and uninterrupted communal spaces of the ground floor, the first floor is distributed with greater privacy for its occupants; connecting the bedrooms through a single hallway that is made unique through a series of custom patterned openings that contribute significantly to the streamlined ambience of the home’s image while simultaneously allowing for natural ventilation and lighting to the different internal spaces of the property.

The design has won multiple prestigious international awards including the 5 Star International Property Award and the Golden A’ Design Award; and has been featured in countless publications across the world in both print and digital formats. Moreover, it has achieved its objective of becoming an architecture landmark in the city of Semarang; in which the house has become famously known amongst locals as the twist and shout.

Architectural Design:
Photos by:
Sonny Sandjaya

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