Vidnoe Townhouse

The remodeling of the 40m² communal spaces of a townhouse in Moscow, belonging to a young family with two children, features a design that values light and shadow and remains functional. The combination of curvature and an off-white color and material palette resulted in a weightless architecture, providing the project with character.

The dominant fluid shapes of the open storage systems create interesting visual accents of light and shadow, changing the perception of the usual rectangular volume of space. Curved shapes in cabinetry are accompanied by soft rounded seating, placed on different levels.

The floor and part of the wall in the dining room feature the breccia technique, made of reclaimed marble pieces. This solution is an example of a sustainable design in which reclaimed materials are used to create the mosaic. The floor construction was the most challenging part of the project, required to be both sustainable and very durable. The bespoke chairs in the dining room were designed from steel sheet, drawing their inspiration from the bar stool design.


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