Viewing “plateaus”

Two residences are positioned on the eastern point of a plot overlooking the bay of Naoussa and Kolymbithres beach, with courtyards forming the connecting element between them.

Wide corridors with oversized landings lead to viewing “plateaus” traversing indoors and outdoors. Vegetation is enhanced in internal courtyards and on the perimeter of the site with an artificial hill. To the southern side of the houses, openings are limited to the internal protected courtyards; planted native vegetation and the development of transversal walls dominate the eastern side, while the northwestern one has large windows and viewing lounges.

The entire procedure is characterised by basic compositional principles. The archetypal form of the wall, an item most familiar in Cycladic landscape, is sometimes used as a limit, and sometimes as habitation element. The building structure adapts to its surroundings, via the unification of the building interior with courtyards, accesses and staircases. The largest volumes are broken down in small movements, creating courtyards protected from the strong northern winds, where planted mulberry trees provide shade. The network of rear courtyards runs through the houses and through openings it enables views of the sea. This creates a residential complex that evokes a strong habitation identity and leaves a distinct design footprint to an otherwise bland landscape. The intense Cycladic light is used on views created by its movement between walls, spaces and landscape. Shades of blue and strong shadows dominate, transforming the building into a viewing machine.

From the continuous movement of the plastered wall enveloping the residence, to untreated stone walls used as infill panels, materials alternate to create outdoor and indoor areas. The two residence complex, dotted by Aegean vegetation, sometimes opens to the scenery and views of the sea and sometimes stays tightly closed, offering unique living spaces.

Photos by:
George Messaritakis

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