Villa in Karystos

The location for which the design was made is situated at the southmost end of Evia peninsula, in Karystos, just 180m away from the sea.

The main idea of the design was to highlight the presence of the water element, wishing to add flow in a static and peaceful landscape. Therefore, a 27m water aisle, which ends in a multi – level pool, has been created.

On the ground floor, the space arrangement and the huge openings offer a view at the Evoikos bay as well as at the outdoor space of the property. In addition, the sliding glass boards along the east part provide an unobstructed view of the water element.

The house has two entrances: the main one, directing east, where access channelled is through a bridge over the pool, and the second at the north, with access to the kitchen.

On the first floor there is the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and walk-in closet; outdoors, the veranda is ideal for accommodating a private living area.

The east part of the building has large openings from the ground up to the first floor looking over the garden, offering privacy to the ground floor and to the master bedroom.

A small sitting area – study and two guest bedrooms – both en suite – are situated at the basement. Outdoors, a deck, trees and a pool are the main attractions with the natural sound of the flowing water.


3D renderings:
100% hotel show
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