Whimsical comfort

Minimal design and unpretentious elegance characterize the residence nestling on the sloped site, almost completely protected from the northern winds, with a northwestern orientation and panoramic views to the bay of Ftelia.

The residence, with a total surface area of 560m2, unfolds in four levels and its widely used natural building materials give it a vernacular character. The spaces serving the communal functions exude comfort and warmth and are placed on the main entrance level.

The large external openings allow light to invade every part of the interior. The harmony of cladding materials in a palette of earthy hues characterizes the total of six spacious suites, all fringed by terraces and scattered at all levels. The multi-level and multifunctional outdoor areas are dominated by the water element.

Three swimming pools feature on separate levels, creating unique focal points of relaxation and entertainment; the large pool on the main deck that “colors” the space in front of the outdoors dining area with reflections of the horizon, the built-in bathtub and the heated pool by the spa area. A fully equipped gym with a glass facade in direct contact to the enchanting surroundings complements the particular character of the house. Surrounding Mediterranean vegetation smooths the coarse Cycladic landscape, allowing the gaze to wander in the infinite blue.

Photos by:
Andreas Bekas

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