White box

White box

The residence that is located in a gated-residential community with poorly ventilated generic architecture, in the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, was designed in a minimalist style with bioclimatic principles, placing emphasis on the functionality of spaces.
Despite the restricted usable space of the site, the owners asked for a large garden, accessible by all spaces in need of cooling, shading and protection from the heavy rainfalls of the area’s tropical climate.

As a result, the white box typology with clean lines and compact spaces is followed: the residence unfolds in two levels with a central green atrium to which the communal spaces on the elevated ground floor open out physically, and the private ones on the first floor, visually. Thus the sitting and dining areas and the kitchen are placed along the atrium’s perimeter, with the central staircase leading to the upstairs bedrooms placed in its middle.
The atrium allows natural light throughout the interior of the residence, linking the inside to the outside and creating an intimate environment.
Modern minimalist elements are utilized, such as the white wall, the continuous glass panels and (heat-resistant) aluminium. The frame is in strengthened concrete, with white plastered brick walls. The flat roof of the first floor has a concrete slab laid with metal sheets with thermal and acoustic insulation, while the flat concrete roofs of the ground floor and parking area, are laid with heat-reflective gravel that absorbs direct sun light. Vertically striped silver aluminium sheets clad the main façade, completing the residential identity.

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