White house

The residence is located on a beautiful Brazilian beach, on the northern coast of Sao Paulo. The design took into account the environmental comfort and the building maintenance over time, two key factors relating to housing built in tropical, coastal areas, where high temperatures and the effect of the sea air determine the extreme local conditions. Thus, these conditions determined the layout of the floor plan as well as the choice of materials to be used.

On the ground floor we find the entire social area of the house, with the unified layout of the sitting and dining on the north section which opens out towards the semi-outdoors area comprising of a sitting and dining area and the patio with a Jaccuzi and sunbeds, before the swimming pool to the east side; the kitchen and auxiliary spaces are located on the south side, facing one of the two side gardens.

The first floor houses five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and closets, the master bedroom suite with a large bathroom and storage spaces, as well as a large family sitting area. Lastly, there is a terrace garden with deck on the roof – accessible by a minimalistic flight of stairs protected by a hatch door. All of the interior spaces have floor to ceiling window frames – in the spans, like true walls of sliding glass – to create a pleasant thermal sensation and blur the division between interior and exterior.

In the living room on the ground floor, 3m x 2.5m glass doors are built into the walls and integrate the indoor space with the balcony, creating in this way cross ventilation, aiming for the reduction of the room temperature. In this same space, wooden perforated doors – like large muxarabis – shade the interior without blocking the breeze.

The same logic is followed on the perforated, folding, meshed metal brises, enveloping the upper volume. The combination of the wood, concrete and white aluminum (resistant to the effects of the sea air) end up creating, in the architecture of this house a tropical minimalism, with a great influence from Brazilian modernism.

Design by:
Photos by:
Fernando Guerra

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