witty: The charging stations of electric vehicles

Hager offers a complete range of charging stations for fast, safe and smart charging of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles for both residential and commercial buildings thanks to its robust and ergonomic design, easy installation, build quality and functionality.

Witty charging stations are equipped with a Type 2 socket enhanced with safety shutters for charging in Mode 3, which is the safest and fastest method of charging electric vehicles in AC. Optionally they also support Mode 2 method, when charging through a schuko socket, which offers the possibility of charging the vehicle even if there is no Mode 3 cable available, simply by using the Mode 2 cable offered by the car vendor. Depending on the version, user access can be either free or controlled via RFID cards, installation can be either wall-mounted or floor-standing and because of the IP54 protection, the robust build material (anti-UV polyester/inox) and the IK10 durability it can be safely installed either indoors or outdoors.

witty.home: the residential solution

Single-phase (7kW) or three-phase (22kW) version, UV-resistant housing material, free user access, suitable for private parking lots in homes and small businesses.

witty.premium: The solution for controlled user access

Single-phase (7kW) or three-phase (22kW) version, UV-resistant housing material, controlled user access via RFID cards, suitable for private parking spaces in residential complexes, hotels, shops, companies, etc.

witty.park: The solution for public access parking spaces – compatibility with OCPP

Dual fast charging station (parallel charging of 2 vehicles), three-phase version(2x22kW), stainless steel housing, controlled user access via RFID cards, possibility of remote connection with service providers through OCPP (protocol that allows remote access and the charging of users in € per kWh through application etc.)

Versions witty.home and witty.premium have been awarded the internationally renowned Red Dot Design Award for both their ergonomic design (plug storage basket at the top of the station, available cable winding space at the back of the station, etc.) and for its minimal and clear aesthetics that enhances its functionality. Through a single integrated LED bar on the front of the station the user is informed with clear visual indications of its operating status. Version witty.park has a public-use design due to its simultaneous dual charging possibility, its robust inox housing, its user-friendly characteristics (how-to-use printed symbols, space for ads and explanatory stickers, the double LED bar, etc.) and the OCPP connectivity.





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