Woodwing villa-ge

Woodwing villa-ge is a housing complex in Ekali, Athens. It com-pri-ses of three typologies: a detached house, a building with four apartments and three semi-detached maisonettes. The buildings fit-in beautifully within the pine forested landscape. The starting point for the design of the maisonettes was American modernist architecture of the 1930’s – 1970’s. Drawing from the use of typical materials of the era such as cedar, slate, bare concrete and smooth white surfaces a new approach was introduced on their application. The analogies between the materials were kept, while they were given new dimensions and modern technologies were applied in their synthesis. The application of the aforementioned materials to the exterior in geometrical blocks denotes a common sculptural form to the complex. Without ever coming into contact, the ground floor and first floor rectangular geometries balance well against the roof’s light angular surface. A “third” material put to use was sunlight. It filters through the glass surfaces flooding the rooms. The facade, which faces the road, is introverted with smaller apertures to those at the rear where the maisonettes open out onto the communal garden. Each maisonette spans three levels. The communal spaces are on the ground-floor and the semi-basement, on the first floor the bedrooms of each family are set apart. The creation of a vibrant area was the parameter for the configuration of the ground floor as well as the avoidance of “pre-arranged” non- utilitarian zones. The open plan design of the ground floor allows for a single congregational area. The furniture defines and divides the functional areas respectively into the living room, dining area and kitchen. On the semi-basement, an overhanging fireplace lends the space a unique character beside which a sitting room area spans out. In the bedrooms, sunlight fills the rooms through windows set between the walls and ceiling without lessening sound insulation from the street. Woodwing vill-age with its open plan, sunlit spaces and emphasis on the surroundings is an ideal residence.

Photos by:

Panagiotis Voumvakis

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