Persiana Beer & Grill Bar

The Persiana Beer & Grill Bar, a new restaurant – pub located in Lakki of Leros. The design was done with a view to create a warm and welcoming place for all months of the year. Preferring materials that give a retro and Industry style such as wood, metal, leather, while the space is easily adapted to the needs of a restaurant and a bar. All the walls were coated with cement plaster, the bar facade coated with retro tiles, and the bench of the bar with quartz cement plaster. Above the bar a metal structure is fitted to serve its needs, while additional backlight is incorporated to illuminate the bench of the bar. Particular impression is made by the special construction with the use of shutters (Persiana in Italian translates as shutters) which thereby manage to ‘hide’ the ventilation, also some of the shutters open to reveal the TV. Leather sofas are placed under the special construction, while the wall is coated with a sticker presenting the brewing process on a school blackboard. Several storage spaces for the staff are also created, and have been coated with cement plaster, resulting in a uniform space. The dining and recreation room feature special handmade metal fixtures in retro style. Linear luminaries were chosen for the bathroom. The tables are made from OSB wood, while the bar stools combine wood with metal in retro style.

Design by:
Photos by:
© Irene Isichou

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