Apartment Renovation in Athens

The 65m² apartment is located in a block of flats built in the 60s in the area of Zografou, Athens; it was fully renovated to accommodate present-day ways of living.


Layout design

All the existing interior walls were removed, to reconfigure anew the zones of the apartment. It was thus decided to unify the living areas, which become the showcase of the apartment, as opposed to the private bedroom area. 

Flexible functionality

Due to the limited surface, the living areas were designed to serve double purposes. The office space can also serve as a dining room, being near the kitchen. The living room can also turn into a guest room by using an opaque curtain thus obstructing the view. This very curtain creates a protected environment with special lighting and heating conditions. The curtain fabric with its repeated folds adds theatricality while serving as an independent decorative element. When it is not used, it can slide into a hidden recess in the wall. 

Built-in storage space

Special attention was given to the design of storage spaces, to upgrade and multiply the apartment’s functionality. A storage zone was created between the living room and the corridor, which serves multiple purposes: it can be used as a closet, a linen closet, a laundry closet, and a storage room. 

Color palette, lighting design, and conservation of the floors

The dominant color palette includes shades of black and white. The oak floors were preserved as a link to the past, while modern materials of minimal aesthetic were chosen for the kitchen and bathroom small areas. Lighting was also designed keeping in mind the modern aesthetic of the apartment as well as the elements from the past.


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