Apartment Renovation in London

The property is located on a typical North London residential road of terraced and semi-detached houses. The clients are a young couple who had purchased the property to live in, however it was in need of a lot of work. The proposal was really very different to what they had initially considered they wanted to do, however they had faith in the design and the vision. Now they are very thrilled with the final outcome.

Architectural concept

The architects wanted to create something rather striking once you walk into this otherwise unassuming property, whilst keeping it fairly compact and straightforward from a home renovation perspective. Finding the right balance between old and new, simple materials and bespoke craftsmanship can be just as impactful on the small scale as on larger projects.

Material palette

The material palette was kept to a minimum; Tiles, Timber & Steel. Timber slats provide a permeable partition between the living area and the kitchen dining area, helping bring proportion to the open plan space, whilst still allowing the residents to see through to the garden and also communicate with each other.

The main feature of the design is the bespoke joinery wall panels to the staircase wall. These panels provide hidden access to the downstairs WC and storage area whilst also doubles up as protection from falling on the stairs themselves.

The black stained oak veneer panels sit in contrast to the burgundy-coloured structural steels supporting the 1st floor.

The floor tiles add a further layer of interest to the scheme with the ‘pixelated’ chevron pattern blending from timber effect to white as you move from the living area to the kitchen.

Interior Design:


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