Ermou Black and White

An office space on Ermou Street, central Athens, was transformed into two (Black and White) modern, autonomous, open plan apartments, that will be used as short-term and long-term rentals.

The objectives of the study were both to create spaces of high aesthetics and to ensure optimal functionality, so that the apartments will meet the expectations of demanding public.

The architectural study of both apartments involves the composition of all the needed functions of a house, in an open space. In this context, a wooden structure, which extends along the entire length of one wall of each apartment, serves as storage furniture in the bedroom area, and as a TV stand in the living room. At the same time, the creation of a low-height library with “see-through” elements defines the separation of lounge and sleeping spaces, without, however, preventing visual communication.

In terms of used materials, plywood surfaces are the predominant feature of the site. The composition of the furniture was made by combining wood with metallic elements in black and white. The rest of the elements are in neutral tones, in order to place emphasis on the wooden constructions. Finally, the apartments were furnished and decorated with items and lighting fixtures of minimalistic forms.

Design by:

Maria Malapetsa – 3ΝΚ Engineers & Architects


Photos by:

Andreas Markou 

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