Greek themed restaurant

The restaurant takes part in a large hotel resort complex, located in the area of Faliraki in the island of Rhodes. The location of the restaurant is unique, as it is surrounded by a pool forming a moat, right in front the beautiful sandy beach overlooking the golf of Faliraki. The idea behind the design of the space was to recreate the atmosphere of the traditional Greek ‘bakaliko’, a shop typology almost extinct in our days which has historically played a crucial role in the formation of the Greek neighborhood and society and the distribution of food to local residents. The ‘bakaliko’ as a shop-type goes back to 1840’s and was a place where locals would buy goods for the house like fruit, vegetables, sugar, wine and spices. Many of these shops at night would operate as ‘taverns’, a traditional Greek food eatery where the owner of the shop would serve simple dishes prepared with the ingredients of the shop. Most of the facades of these shops where covered in crates full of fruits and vegetables, acting as a shop front, inviting customers to enter and discover the rich collection of goods available inside. In this specific case the crate becomes the icon of the restaurant used not as a food storage container but as a decoration element forming a cave-like ceiling inside the restaurant. In this way, 760 different sized crates where bolted onto the ceiling, dominating over the entire space. A wooden CNC milled wainscot envelops all perimeter walls and in places forms sofas, a bar and a reception desk. Most of the walls of the space are covered in shelves full of Greek products, exactly like the shelves of a traditional ‘bakaliko’ used to accommodate all kinds of goods available for sale. On the outside, the space is left simple, in order not to obstruct the magnificent views of the seafront.

Photos by:

George Fakaros 

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