Sable Pastry Workshop

The project involves the design of a contemporary patisserie in the heart of the old town of Rethymno. With a special variety of desserts, and a “sweet sandwich” as the signature product, Sable embodies the version of an elegant quality pastry workshop.

In a long and narrow space of 49m², including sub-units such as workshop, bar, clients corridor, and auxiliary spaces (WC and storage room), great care was given to a functional layout implementation, giving emphasis to comfortable access and ergonomic standards.

The architects draw inspiration from the layers that compose the “sweet sandwiches”. Installations with a form of layers, such as the metal shelves as well as the pendant lights over the bar, reflect the desserts production process.

Lacquered constructions in the form of brackets, embrace branding identity elements and decorative details. Plaster constructions on the ceiling and the walls are harmoniously combined with the 3d wallpaper patterns giving a sense of luxury. 

Terrazzo tiles in combination with oak wood shades compose a background that showcases the minimal lines of the petrol metal installations, creating a space of smooth contrasts between modern and classic.


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