TEN10 Wine Bar

The prominent position of the bar in Pirgos, Greece, benefits from focused perspective views over the central town square, and its good orientation allows the use of natural light; this context, and the owners’ desire for clear, singular lines in the interior, provided the framework for the design elaboration.

The layout places the bar and the cellar in the middle of the composition, creating a memorable identity. The monolithic bar bench, made of natural stone in emerald color, and its framing by the wooden cellar, designed to be organically integrated into the space, is combined with the distinctive metal roof that mirrors natural light, entering the space through clerestory windows during the day.

Artificial lighting involves a flexible “lighting scheme”, adaptable to the changing activities during night and day. Warm grey tones are selected for the walls and come into stark contrast with the predominantly green and ash-colored floor; this way, different zones between the bar and the lounge frame the furniture, as a response to the brief’s requirement of creating a hospitable, entertaining ambience.

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