Material Matters vol.3: Wood

“Each material has its own message”

Frank Lloyd Wright

Since 2019, ek architectural magazine introduced a new cycle of talks on the importance of materiality in the architectural and construction output of Greece.

The third conference, taking place on Monday, May 30 at the Benaki Museum Atrium at 18:30, is dedicated to a very important material for the Greek industry, presenting great architectural and structural interest: Wood.

Featuring case studies by Greek architects, the aim of these events is to showcase how a series of contemporary and traditional materials can convey form, function and, ultimately, meaning to architecture and design. The presentations will focus on the history of each material, its structural and expressive properties, as well as its potential for further development in the light of technological and economic change.


11 speakers from the architecture and design community will elaborate on the role of wood in their own work, through live 10-minute presentations.


– Alexandros Vaitsos | DECA architecture

– Apostolos Mitrpoulos & Thanos Zervos | Tenon Architecture

– Aris Kafantaris | Kengo Kuma Associates

– Christos Gkotsis & Elena Serafimidou | GASAP

– Costandis Kizis | Kizi Studio

– Eleftheria Tsakanika | NTUA

– Kostas Poulopoulos | SquareOne

– Panagiotis Touliatos | NTUA

– Sotiris Hainis | Sotiris Hainis Architecture

– Sotiris Tsergas | Block 722

– Theo Sarantoglou Lalis | LASSA Architects


Under the auspices:

Hellenic Institute of Architecture

Hellenic Timber Association




Benaki Museum Atrium Pireos 138



Under the auspices:


ek-magazine 280

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